Expyriment is an open-source Python library for designing and conducting timing-critical behavioural and neuroimaging experiments

Our major goal is to provide a lightweight and well-structured Python library for the script-based experiment development. Readability and portability of the resulting programme code are of highest priority. The library is an all-in-one solution as it handles stimulus presentation, the recording of input/output events, communication with other devices, and the collection and preprocessing of data. It further offers a hierarchical design structure, which allows for an intuitive transition from the experimental design to a running programme and is therefore also well suited for students and researchers with little programming experience.

Free and open

Expyriment is open-source software. Feel free to fork us on GitHub.


Expyriment works on Linux, Windows, OS X and Android.

Easy to learn

Expyriment is very accessible to non-programmers.


Get the latest version of Expyriment and start creating and running your experiments on desktop computers, laptops and tablets for free!

Before installing, please make sure to also read the dedicated installation instructions for each platform.



Our beginner's tutorial will help you to get started with programming your first experiment by taking you through the process step by step.


The example experiments will show you how classical paradigms can be realized in Expyriment and provide an excellent basis for your own implementations.


On our documentation website you can find the full API reference of the library as well as information on advanced features and technical details.


Make sure you also join our official forum, Matrix/IRC channel and mailing list in case you need support or want to get in touch with other users.


If you have used Expyriment in your work, please cite the following article:

Krause, F. & Lindemann, O. (2014). Expyriment: A Python library for cognitive and neuroscientific experiments. Behavior Research Methods, 46(2), 416-428. doi:10.3758/s13428-013-0390-6.


For general information, please send an email to info@expyriment.org.
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