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A Python library for cognitive and neuroscientific experiments

Expyriment is an open-source and platform-independent lightweight Python library for designing and conducting timing-critical behavioral and neuroimaging experiments. The major goal is to provide a well-structured Python library for script-based experiment development, with a high priority being the readability of the resulting program code.

Expyriment has been tested extensively under Linux and Windows and is an all-in-one solution, as it handles stimulus presentation, the recording of input/output events, communication with other devices, and the collection and preprocessing of data. Furthermore, it offers a hierarchical design structure, which allows for an intuitive transition from the experimental design to a running program. It is therefore also suited for students, as well as for experimental psychologists and neuroscientists with little programming experience.

Latest version: 0.7.0 (March 2014)

If you have used Expyriment in your work, please cite the follwing publication:

Krause, F. & Lindemann, O. (2013). Expyriment: A Python library for cognitive and neuroscientific experiments. Behavior Research Methods. doi:10.3758/s13428-013-0390-6